Monday, January 18, 2010


Everyone knows a road trip runs on food, and a tour is no different. Co-op and Hunnicutt will be looking for the best places to stop for grub - both on the road, and at each tour stop. Whether it's milkshakes in Moosomin, BBQ in Burnaby or fillet-o-sole in Fernie, it will all be documented and reviewed here on the tour blog.

Know a joint the boys absolutely must hit up? Let them know by leaving a comment or email via the blog!

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  1. If you're flying through Brandon and in a hurry to get home, you'll probably not want to stop for too long or go far off the #1 highway.
    I recommend Vern's pizza on 18th street to grab a slice to go.
    The amount of toppings on this pizza is unheard of.
    Guys generally think it's awesome and most women think it's a bit too over the top.
    Once slice is always enough.

    (It' in the big-box centre at the bottom of the hill).